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How to use your member profile
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New to our website? Start with this introductory video!


When our new website and membership system was first set up, you should have received your username and password. Don’t have it? No problem! Contact Jeannette Connors in the National Office or submit a contact form (see below for details).

Once you’re logged in, you’re connected to the social side of NMEA, as well as to your own contact information that NMEA uses to keep in touch with you.

The starting point for any membership-related action is under “My Profile”  - look for the gray box at top of the right column on these website pages! 

Just a few of the things you can do are below. Feel free to poke around and see what you can discover!

NMEA website homepageYou can also download and print out these guidelines (in Word format) here > 

  • Check your membership status: Under Membership Info
  • Print your membership card: Manage Profile -> Information & Settings -> Membership Card
  • Edit your email notification preferences: Manage Profile -> Information & Settings -> Preferences
  • Edit your profile: Manage Profile -> Information & Settings -> Edit Bio (Here you can determine how much information is visible to other members when they seek your online profile.)
  • Find another member: Type the name in the search box at the top of any page.
  • Find a committee or group/chapter: On the left side of any page, see the Groups link. Chapters and committees are open for anyone to join, and give you options for communicating with others in those groups. If you’ve already joined a group, you’ll see it from your own My Profile -> Groups link.
  • Manage notifications: : Manage Profile -> Information & Settings -> Preferences
  • Contact the National Office with a question:
  • Submit an easy Contact Us form via the gray bar near the top of any page on the website. A form will be pre-filled out with your contact information. Just type in your question or comments in the Comments block, do the simple math question to prove you’re a real person, and hit submit.
  • A friendly reminder you can also call us, we have a toll-free number: 844-OUR-NMEA (844-687-6632), or email the National Office >

Other sections of the website to check out and visit often: 

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